Cross Academy

Cross Academy


Cross Academy is a private boarding school founded by Kaien Cross, also frequently called “Chairman” or “Headmaster” because of his position at the school. In addition to its normal curriculum, Cross Academy also offers extra subjects such as marksmanship and horseback riding and there are stables on the premises.

Nestled in the middle of a quiet forest, for a long time it hosted two seperate classes: the Day Class and the Night Class. The Academy is ostensibly an elite learning institution for talented young people. In reality, it was a testing ground for Cross’ dream of peaceful co-existance between humans and vampires with humans making up the Day Class and vampires making up the Night Class.

It was Cross’ belief that if you were able to show young vampires from influential families that humans were more than just sources of blood and that it was possible to live along side them in peace, they would eventually take that idea back to their families and into the rest of the vampire world. This seems to have been a success as far as winning the hearts and minds of the Night Class was concerned, considering their defence of their human, Day Class counterparts when the Academy was later attacked by rouge emissaries of Rido Kuran.

During this battle part of the Academy was destroyed. For a time there was no Night Class at the Academy until it was eventually started up again by Yuki Kuran.

Day Class

The Day Class is composed of humans and covers all three years of high school education. Boys and girls live in separate dormitories referred to as the “Sun Dormitories” and attend co-ed classes during the day.

The Girls Dorm and the Boys Dorm each have a class president responsible for overseeing stuent affairs.

To be admitted to the Academy a Day Class student must be recommended by certain schools, pass a written entrance exam and an interview with the Headmaster.

Their uniforms are black with white piping and silver buttons. Shirts are white, neck ties are red. Boys wear a suit coat, vest, slacks, shirt and necktie while girls wear a suit coat, shirt, skirt, socks and a neck ribbon. Some of the dress code rules are that at least 10cm of the skirt must show from underneath the girls jackets, boys pants cuffs must be 4-4.5cm wide. Socks can be above or below the knee and must be black. Shoes must be ones specified by the school. Tie chains for the boys and necklaces with the school emblem for the girls are optional.

Night Class

The Night Class is composed of vampires. The vampires share a single co-ed dorm referred to as the “Moon Dormitory” which was guarded by a gate keeper (to keep Day Class students out).

Vampires who are “teenage” in human years are already far beyond normal high school subjects and noble class vampire families apparently usually rely on private tutors rather than a general education system. So the Night Class cirrculum was quite different from that of the Day Class, which aided the cover story that were elite, exceptionally gifted students with their own special curriculum, hence the separate classes. They attended classes at night.

The first Night Class was responsible for testing, creating and refining the latest generation of Blood Tablets – an artificial blood substitute that keeps most vampires from needing to rely on drinking human blood. Night Class rules included a strict restriction against anyone drinking blood on school grounds.

In the first Night Class, Kaname Kuran was the Dorm President and Takuma Ichijo Vice President. Kaname took responsibility for all the vampires on campus and for ensuring that they follow the rules. One of the chief reasons that many influential Noble vampire families sent their children to Cross Academy was because of Kaname’s presence at the school. A pureblood’s presence and support made it someplace worthy and advantageous to send their children.

To be admitted to the Academy, a Night Class student could recommend themselves, or someone else could recommend them. They were interviewed by both the Headmaster and Dorm President Kuran and if they were approved by both, then they were accepted to the school.

In the second Night Class Takuma Ichiijo was initially supposed to be President, but resigned, most likely as a result of pressure from Sara Shirabuki. Possessing more pureblood charisma than Yuki, Sara was voted the new President of the Night Class, although she stated that she’d rather let Yuki do all the work.

The Night Class uniforms are white with black piping and silver buttons. Shirts are black, neck ties are red. Boys wear a suitcoat, vest, slacks, shirt and necktie while girls wear a suitcoat, shirt, skirt, socks and a neck ribbon. The same dress code rules as the Day Class apply.


School guardians were in charge of protecting the peace and safety of the school, especially in relation to the possible issues of having vampires and humans co-existing. Their job was to enforce the rules, such as making sure that the Day Class doesn’t mob the Night Class during class change-over, or sneak into the Moon Dorm, and making sure that the vampires don’t drink blood or endanger the human students.

As far as we know, there have only been two guardians at Cross Academy: Yuki Cross (Kuran) and Zero Kiryu. At present neither of them are actively filling this role and it is unclear if anyone else does, or if there is no need for Guardians when there is no Night Class in session at the Academy.

Entrance and Promotion System

Below is a chart of how the entrance and promotion system at the school works.

School Song

Our hearts clear up
By basking in the clear morning sun
The academy is our mother
The teacher we look up to is our father
Cross, Cross, ah our youth

Our time is dyed in vermilion
When the evening sun is loathe to set
We hold the quiet harmony to our hearts
And build a bridge to our friends
Cross, Cross, ah our youth