Rido Kuran

Rido Kuran


Rido Kuran is a Pureblood vampire of the ancient and powerful Kuran family. His father was the last King of the Kuran line who ended the Monarchy and established the Vampire Council. Brother to Haruka and Juri, Rido was the eldest child. He was obsessively in love with his younger sister Juri, but the feeling was not returned. Embittered by her marriage to Haruka, he blamed his younger brother for taking her away. He murdered Haruka and Juri’s first child as an infant and later tried to take their second child, Yuki as well. Defeated years later by Zero Kiryu and Yuki Kuran, Rido is presumed dead.

Vital Statistics

Age at death: 3,000+
Height: 186cm / 6’1″
Hair: Black
Eyes: One red, one blue

Vampire Level: Pureblood
Vampire Abilities: All – Excels at transforming his body

Hobbies: His Juri collection
Favorite Fashion: Clothes he looks good in
Taste in women: “A strong-minded woman like Juri.”
Romantic Interest: Juri Kuran (also fathered children with other women, including Senri’s mother)
Family: Parents, younger brother Haruka and younger sister Juri, deceased. Son Senri Shiki, niece Yuki Kuran and nephew by adoption Kaname Kuran, living.
Known Friends or Associates: Asato Ichijo, The Council of Elders, the former Hunter President, the Shiki family
Known Enemies: Kaname Kuran, Yuki Kuran, Ichiru Kiryu, Zero Kiryu, Shizuka Hio, Haruka Kuran, Juri Kuran, the Night Class… and pretty much everyone his path seems to cross, really :)

Japanese Anime Voice Actor: Hirofumi Nojima
English Anime Voice Actor: Tony Oliver

Lascivious, self-centered and cruel, Rido is powerful and not hesitant to use that for his own gain and the destruction of others. One would be hard pressed to find an atrocity he wouldn’t commit. He was originally going to eat his infant nephew after snatching him, but instead he murders the baby to awaken Kaname from his coffin, intending to eat him instead. He kills his brother, first tries to kill, then to forcefully ‘love’ his niece Yuki, he contributed to keeping Shizuka in a cage since birth, he is probably the reason Senri’s mother is mentally ill, and he devours lower-class vampires and ex-humans to death without a thought. For all his maliciousness, you can sometimes see a thread of pain inside him as well and he does not appear to be terribly mentally stable.

Apparently killed by Zero and Yuki during the attack Rido launched upon Cross Academy, he is presumably dead, however he has since appeared to Kaname in an incomplete form. It is not entirely certain whether he was actually present and is in fact still alive in some way, or whether his presence was more figurative / representational in nature.

History and Backstory

All character histories reflect the manga-verse history rather than the anime-verse history on any points where the two conflict. Please note that they also contain major spoilers for current manga events.

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